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explain how

money can be exchanged for goods and services

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I can’t believe so many people think this was from Mary Poppins.

Do people really think Mr. Banks would say “innit”?

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I didn’t even realize the biggest problem with ‘Listen’ until just now 










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It has only ever been said that the events of the Time War were time locked (which can’t be that great of a lock since one Dalek got through it). It has never once been stated that Gallifrey’s entire history is time locked. 

In fact, it’s never really been outlined what the living hell a “time lock” even is. There’s bits and pieces we can pull together from the loose definitions of things like “fixed points in time” and “time loops” and whatever, but the Doctor has never actually sat there and said how a time lock actually works. 

A Dalek somehow got blasted to Earth 2012 during the time war, and Dalek Caan “fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew” into the time war to collect Davros, a few build-your-own-Dalek kits, some milk and a TV dinner for one and managed to bring them all back at the bargain cost of just one (1) sanity, and Rassilon managed to do a fun little “pull the Gallifrey out of a hat” magic trick over Earth as a bit of a Christmas prank.

So… Yeah, “time lock” is pretty much just meaningless babble with no real definition. Even the Doctor Who wikia had to pull something out of their asses to justify there being a page for it. 

True a time lock is a made up thing with made up rules. But so is a sonic screwdriver and it pissed me off when three Doctors with sonic screwdrivers used them to kill a Dalek. Stories only work if there’s internal logic and sure, sometimes you can smudge the unimportant ones, but saying ‘oh see, THIS companion is special so she can do it because reasons’ just seems lazy and…and disrespectful to everyone who worked on the show before. 

Yeah except you’re totally ignoring the point the second commenter made, which basically destroy’s your whole original argument.  Only the time war was locked, not all of gallifreyan history.  So therefore it’s very possible that the TARD

Gonna put here what I put in response to someone else: 

I would point to the Doctor talking about how he can ‘never go back’

My thinking has always been: He’s a time traveler. If the past were still there he could go back and, who knows, even go gallivanting around with a Gallifreyan companion, or bring forward a colony of non-fixed point Time Lords. 

The alternative is that there was always a way for the Doctor to go to Gallifrey’s past but chose not to. Maybe because it was too painful? But that completely changes his character because (back when he thought he’d killed them all) every time he thought about Gallifrey and didn’t go back he was condemning them to extinction again. He was choosing to be alone, choosing not to go back to before the war, before the leadership became unhinged. 

First off, quite a few time’s he said this referring to going back and saving his race which he believed to be totally impossible due to the Time Lock.  If there was (which there quite possibly could have been, since I haven’t rewatched any episodes in a while) a time where he used it other than referring to saving his race during the war, it WAS most likely because it would be too painful and if he did go back he’d be to worried about saving them or just their future in general.

Secondly, that does NOT change his character at all.  Yes the doctor changed how the Time War ended, but you are forgetting that the Doctor from his War!doctor regeneration until late in his 11th regeneration (not including war or tentoo as regenerations in this situation to make it easier to make my point) still has the memories of killing off his entire race and just experiencing the war in general.  And i’d love to see you go through all of that and suddenly be a happy-go lucky guy with 0 pain or guilt or any negative memories about the Time War just because “he fixed it so it’s all alright now uvvvu!!!”.  Just because he fixed it doesn’t mean he does not still have emotional scars from the war.

What I meant was that I always felt the Doctor had no choice. He’d killed them all and he was the last. That was it. But if he could go back and didn’t (for any reason) then that is a different sort of man than I thought he was.

I see what you mean and i’m not denying your feelings, that wasn’t the point of this discussion though.  The point was you seemed to think Clara going to his childhood was not possible due to the fact that there was a Time Lock, and I just felt you were ignoring people who kept pointing out that the Time Lock only affects the Time War, not all of Gallifreyan history.  Basically: It’s very possible for Clara or any companion to have done what she did.  That was the main point I was trying to make as your argument was that Moffat was being disrespectful and made a big mistake in doing that, which is not the case.

I do agree with what you are saying, but what i’d say in response is that that’s just how the Doctor is and always has been.  The doctor is very different, the minute you think you know him you find out something that can change what you think of him.  Especially after regeneration when his personality often goes through a dramatic change.  I’m not denying your right to be surprised (whether pleasantly or unpleasantly) by his actions but just trying to explain it as how I always viewed it.


Whovians always give me shit for this but I hate that Moffat writes pretty much every episode of the Doctor now. I feel like earlier before the 11th Doctor they had guest writers a lot more frequently and it added a lot of dynamic to the show. Like just because Moffat has written some sick episodes doent mean  they should just be like “IGHT DO UR THANG WE TRUST”


But the number of episodes Moffat writers is no different than the number RTD wrote.

Russell T. Davies

Season 1 - 8 episodes
Season 2 - 6 episodes
Season 3 - 6 episodes
Season 4 - 7 episodes
2009 Specials - 4 episodes (2 co-wrote)

Steven Moffat

Season 5 - 6 episodes
Season 6 - 6 episodes
Season 7 - 6 episodes
2013 specials - 2 episodes
Season 8 - 7 episodes (3 co-wrote)

How to Plan an Orgy with Zoie Palmer (x)

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I didn’t even realize the biggest problem with ‘Listen’ until just now 


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It has only ever been said that the events of the Time War were time locked (which can’t be that great of a lock since one Dalek got through it). It has never once been stated that Gallifrey’s entire history is time locked. 

i never thought i would read a sentence like this

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"…two minutes fifty-eight seconds…"

Nightmare of Eden - season 17 - 1979

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"The whole world?"

City of Death - season 17 - 1979

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So, apparently Neil Patrick Harris exists in the HIMYM universe.



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elevenwholock replied to your post “Can someone tell me which ‘Christmas Invasion’ this post is referring…”

That argument doesn’t make any sense at all whatsoever. Nothing about spare parts replacing original is mentioned in Christmas Invasion. And Eleventh Hour has NOTHING to do with Christmas Invasion.

I think some people are just to eager to hate Moffat stories, they will rush to agree with wildly inaccurate statements from people who have either bad memories or haven’t actually seen the episodes in the first place. 

Clara accidentally taking the TARDIS to Gallifrey is not a plot hole 



It has been stated many times that only the events of the Time War were time locked (a lock that has already been broken twice, I might add), not all of Gallifreyan history. 

But Gallifrey’s in a pocket Universe — how come they can reach it that easily? Maybe it’s because the TARDIS is from there…

Gallifrey is currently in a pocket universe, but it wasn’t at that point in its history. The Doctors didn’t put the planet’s entire history into the pocket universe, just the planet itself.